More than 2 status-style Tiles

Current most of tiles have only 2 options for style them: Default or Activate

Feature: What about a user can add an “Others” tile that can be multiple styled based in a variable, location or device value, by example location modes, alarm status, temperature, number of devices on/off, fan speeds, speaker volume, light dim for example:

Alarm Status: Tile/Content in red when Away Protected, in orange when Stay Protected, in Green when In Home

Location Mode: Style A when Away, Style B when Stay, Style C when Party in the house, Style D when Night and everyone is sleeping …

Multiple contacts report: Tile/content Red when all contacts are opened, Yellow when at least one contact is opened, white when all contacts are closed

Temperature: Tile/Content in red when > 35C, yellow when >25, light blue when > 10, “frozen blue” <0 (I think I have read about there is a temp tile for temp sensors, is that is the case, the sample is still valid for users that does not have temp sensors but only weather virtual devices)

Light dim: Tile/Content in bright white for dim > 75%, medium white for dim>25%, light gray for dim>0%


Thanks for posting the feature request, Carlos!

If I’m understanding correctly, I think some of these would be covered by the state mapping feature request for Hero Attribute tiles. Though I suppose that request is specifically for the Hero Attribute tile. Anyway, I figured I would share it in case you wanted to cast a vote there as it already has some interest from the community.

As noted in the above post, the Temperature Sensor Tile layout supports custom mappings for value ranges. Any Thing which supports the ‘Temperature Sensor’ capability can be configured to use the Temperature Sensor Tile layout.

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Hi Josh, I understand that there is already a request that covers this issue and its about that in the Hero Attribute add a state mapping ?..I have read it, and thats it I think its the same idea, style a tile depending of different states or data ranges. I have voted for it and mine I think is repetitive.

In the midd time do you think I can use a tile associated a virtual temperature sensor ?..maybe I can create a virtual device for it ? right ? TIA.

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Yes, a Virtual Temperature Sensor should work fine.

Is there a particular smart device you are trying to use? If it implements the Temperature Sensor capability, you may be able to change the tile layout to use the Temperature Sensor Tile layout.

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Hi my friend, I am thinking mainly about virtual devices, for Location Mode that display different styles (Home, Stay Protected, Away Protected, Night Protected, Party Time, etc), same for Alarm State (Disarm, Stay and Away), also I have a door to the back yard, that can has more 2 status: Totally Closed, Dogs space open but control sensor closed and totally opened, also I think could be applied for one tile that reflects a group of lights, by example the garden: All lights on, Some lights on, Zero lights on. Regards !

So these are custom devices with custom attributes and values? If so, there wouldn’t be a standard Thing Tile available for them, so they would be using the Hero Attribute Tile - in which case the other request for Color State Mapping for Custom Attributes sounds like it would be a good fit! :smiley:

Hi my friend, I wonder what kind of device can do this, I looked for available devices in IDE but I cannot find any “Multiple Status Virtual Device” or something similar for simulated or virtual options. Maybe some cool programmer could create a DTH to create this type of virtual device. I tested with Simulated Temp Sensor, but when I created its tile in the dashboard, I found only same 2 options for it Default and Active, so I cannot use “different states” style.

Other way is over any kind of tile with its Hero Attribute feature user can stylish it depending of some variable value, so user can set with rules the variable values and then style the tile depending of the variable value.

Closed as duplicate of Style/Icon State Mapping for Custom Attributes which is now released and available. :smiley: