Media and Thermostats

If you’re using an MJPEG stream, then it’s a live stream and the Autorefresh option is not required. That being said, some people still keep autorefresh on, but at an extended duration - for example every 30 minutes or even every few hours - just to make sure the stream refreshes itself in case the stream dies.

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on my chrome browser on my pc the cameras are working but for some odd reason the cameras aren’t showing up on my tablet that’s running fully kiosk browser. Not sure what happened but it was working on the weekend.

I have Wyze cameras running on Tinycam pro thats constantly on thru Nvidia Shield. So i’m not sure what the issue is.

I did the fix on my chrome browser on my PC and chrome on my android tablet worked but for some reason it isn’t showing on Fully Kiosk Browser

Can you share some more details about your setup? Maybe share an example URL that you’re using for your media tile?

I would also try accessing that same URL directly from the browser on your tablet (eg. Silk on Amazon Fire) to make sure that the tablet can access those media resources.

Hi @josh is it possible to add a Nest camera and Ubiquiti camera to Sharptools?

Thanks in advance

@Iram_Chavira , welcome to the community. See the post below for how to add Nest camera to the dashboard.

What Ubiquiti cameras do you have? I don’t personally have any experience with Ubiquiti camera, so I am not sure if any of their cameras supports MJPEG streaming format, which is supported by the web browser. So if the camera supports RTSP, but not MJPEG, you will need something like Blue Iris or TinyCam Pro to proxy and encode the video streams to MJPEG, so they can be displayed in the dashboard.

Hi James for your quick response, I can’t access the link it tells me that page doesn’t exist

For the Ubiquiti cameras we have UVC-G4-Pro, G3-Flex,Protect G3 PRO, is there a guide to use Blue Iris or TinyCam Pro?


I’ve updated the link in James’ post. Give it a try now. :grinning:

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