Make title non-selectable for dimmer/brightness level specification UI

When adjusting the dimmer/brightness level for a device the device name is selectable which is frequently problematic. Rather than doing the most logical action (adjusting the brightness) it assumes I want to select the text of the device. That probability for me, and I’m guessing for 99.99% of users, that I want to select that text is likely close to zero. If iOS allows you to have that text not selectable that would certainly improve the UX. Thanks!

Thanks for reporting this! If I remember correctly, it was iOS 13 that changed the interaction with various elements on the page and made more things ‘selectable’. We’ve tweaked a bunch of them, but it looks like we missed this one!

You might also be interested in casting a vote on the following feature request for making the touch-target for the dimmers bigger:

:link: Larger Touch Target for Dimmer Slider

Thanks, yes I voted for that one previously. Having that would be good. People who are asking for that might be getting bit by the problem in this note, so getting either will be good. Getting both, over time, will be great. Thanks!