Larger Touch Target for Dimmer Slider

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I recognize this isn’t a particularly “sexy” feature suggestion, but I’m bumping it and have added my vote, as I feel it would indeed improve the usability on smaller devices. Dragging the tiny dimmer slider requires pinpoint accuracy… something I don’t always have, haha.



I second this option. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal to some, but I like the idea of a bigger slider option for dimmer features or even a slider Icon feature, so instead of taping to pull up the dimmer, you can slide you finger on the icon up or down to dim or brighten the lights.


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Bumping this again with the hope of attracting some support :slight_smile:

Would love to see this implemented. Perhaps it’s doable through custom CSS…? Anyone know?


Oh Absolutely love to see this changed!!.
For all our dimmers in the house, I have 2 rules and a variable so I can adjust the lights with a variable tile by the up/down arrows or entering the value.
I can’t use that slider at all. I have about a 15% success rate with it.

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Mocked-up a quick something in Photoshop, and am wondering if an arrangement like the one below might make for a more practical user experience. Thoughts?