Lock state not refreshing

Over the past few days (perhaps after ST migrated locks) the state of my locks are no longer refreshing in sharptools, and therefore, rules are not running that depend on them. I have refreshed my ST connection with sharptools and even created a new rule to test it. Lock, Unlock and Unlock with Timeout are not being captured.

These are both Yale Assure Z Wave locks that now have a “Driver”, so I guess they were migrated recently.

Hey Chris! Thanks for posting. I saw your comment in the SmartThings community and it had me curious as to what was going on! :slight_smile:

Do the device states update as expected within the SmartThings mobile app?

Are you able to control the device as expected from SharpTools still?

Can you also share a screenshot of your rule?

Hi Josh.

I juat created a timed execution to lock the lock, and that worked. The lock state is reflected properly in smarthings history for the lock, but the logs for the rules don’t show it sees the lock state changing.

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Thanks for sharing the additional details. Would you mind PM’ing me the Rule ID so I can check the logs?

If you still have the rule with the timed execution for the lock, it might help to share that Rule ID as well so I can double check that the device IDs backing those devices are the same (just want to make sure something wonky didn’t happen when the device transitioned to a driver).

Sent! Thanks for looking.

I’m having a simlar issue with Yale lock status not updating in Sharptools. Did this ever get resolved?

Hi @Nathaniel_Colt what platform is your Yale lock connected to? Have you verified that the lock status is updating in your source platform? If it doesn’t update in the source hub, then it won’t update in SharpTools.

Yes, this was a bit of a unique issue in this particular thread. It seems like the device was migrated from a Groovy DTH to an Edge Driver and there was some quirkiness with that migration. Edge drivers are interesting in that you can have the same attribute defined under two different capabilities – in this case, the lock attribute associated with the Lock Codes capability was stale and reflecting an outdated status… so we added some logic that prioritized the “newest” value if an attribute overlapped across more than one capability.

They are in SmartThings. Yes they are updating status in the hub and I can see this lock/unlock history in SmartThings but the value in SharpTools seems to be stale. I just noticed the jobs weren’t running this week but I suspect it has been going on for a while…maybe since edge driver switch.

Can you send a PM to @support with the Doc ID of the device?