Location mode tirgger only shows "updates" and not "changes" / transition

seems i either found a bug or found that this feature was removed for some reason. when i try to set up a trigger on the home mode i only get he choices of:

  • updates and is
  • updates and is not
  • stays

i am looking to use “changes”. as recent as october '23 i see examples given by sharptools staff showing changes is available as a trigger on mode. what am i missing? thanks!

Where do you see that?

The Any Update / Any Change triggers are available for Things and Variables, but not for Location Modes.

For Location modes, you can effectively trigger when any mode update is received by using two triggers with the second one being the opposite of the first:

  • Mode updates and is ‘Home’
  • Mode updates and is not ‘Home’

thx - maybe im interpreting these wrong - but here ae a couple showing location mode “changes”:

maybe in your exmaple ill do those triggers and then set a variable with the actual home mode (context) which then i can use as a changes trigger…

Ah, I see what you’re referring to. The language displayed in the trigger was improved to use more accurate terminology since those community examples were posted.

Previously, all of the equality type of triggers used the language as ‘changes to’ which was modified to ‘updates and is’ to make it more accurate.

That made room to introduce a proper distinction between values updating and values actually changing with the On Transition Only option which is available for Things and Variables.

That sounds like a good approach and it’s similar to what the On Transition Only operator does internally… just that the On Transition Only option also covers cases for numeric transitions and comparisons like greater than (>) or less than (<) that are a bit more complex but really useful for Things and Variables.

aha yes i see now - the kanguage is much clearer since you added “transition” triggers (which i love!)

thanks again - the modifications and variables i set are working great now.

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