Link to a dashboard from a switch tile?

I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think what I’d like to do is possible:

I have a virtual switch tile on the “Home” dashboard that turns on if any of a number of water leak sensors triggers. If a sensor triggers, its specific tile on another dashboard, “Alerts”, will turn red. Several lamps throughout the house also turn red to draw attention to the situation.

To see which sensor is angry, we display the “Alerts” dashboard by pressing a dashboard tile on “Main”.

What I’d like to do is have the “Alerts” dashboard load when the virtual switch on “Home” turns on.

Not in the cards. Right?

Hi Stan,
I believe you can achieve this with the Fully Kiosk browser and the community developed DTH. Similar to the other example below, but you will use loadURL command from the Fully Kiosk device instead of loadStartURL command. So you can create a rule to be triggered when the specific virtual switch is turned on, and add an activity in the flow to have Fully Kiosk device to load your “Alerts” dashboard by using loadURL command with Alerts dashboard’s URL.

Since you should have added the Fully Kiosk as a device using the DTH, the only thing you need is to create the rule, but if you haven’t create the Fully device yet, you will need to do it first then.

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Thanks very much James. I’ll work on this IF I ever get my equipment back to it’s state prior to the power outage.

It’s really a mess. I’m pretty sure most of the problems stem from changes to IP addresses when power came back. HubConnect relies on hub IP addresses being fixed, but I’ve not been able to give them static addresses. Also problems with Hue hub and Ecobee.

I’ve tried to get help on the static address situation, but nothing usable so far. The Hubitat folks say they don’t know anything about Netgear routers, and the Netgear folks don’t know anything about Hubitat Hubs. (Hubitat even claims ignorance of Amazon and Google.) Such is the state of “Smart Home” today.

Sorry for the rant…

I happened to reply another similar topic here so you may want to take look here for using loadURL command with Fully Kiosk device.

Power outage is the worst.:persevere:

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