Launching a particular dashboard or tile based on rule

So, I wake-up my Fire HD tablet based on motion sensor on ST which if it’s triggered uses Virtual HTTP Switch/Button device handler to send a http request to the Kiosk app to wake-up the screen. However, at a certain time of the day I would like a certain tile shown which is basically like public transport info. One option is that I can create a separate dashboard for this with that tile in it and then load that dashboard URL between those times and then go back to default URL after that. Just wondering if there is any other better ways to do this? loading a new dashboard URL will cause this top bar showing and hiding issue.

Yes, as of right now, I think showing a different dashboard is your best solution.

Can you tell me more about the use case though? Is it only the one tile that you want to show at different times of the day and the rest of the dashboard is the same? Or perhaps you want to swap a single tile out with different content at different times of the day? (eg. show a nice picture at certain times and show the traffic image at other times)

Basically the dashboard remains the same except I want to add a priority tile between certain times of the day on weekdays. That tile can either be a RSS feed or a image as it will be calling a custom URL I build that will give me the buses coming

So the ideal situation is the tile can hide and show itself at different times of the day and the rest of the content will reflow around it?

Or the ideal situation is to have the tile always shown and just the content of it changes - eg. public transport info at some times and other content at other times?

Since it sounds like you’re building a custom script / URL, it sounds like the latter option could work for you. You could just have your URL change which content it returns at different times of the day. The reason I was asking though is to better understand the use case to see if it’s something that might fit in with some of the various feature enhancements we’ve considered. :smiley:

If I have my URL change, what kind of tile would you suggest? A RSS or what are the other options? How often can RSS feed Refresh?

It deepends on how fast you need it to refresh and what you want it to look like.

Media Tiles can refresh as fast as you’d like and you have complete control over the design. Keep in mind that you could render an SVG if you want which gives you a lot of control over what gets displayed and how it looks - SVGs are essentially Strings of data so they can be rendered without needing a bunch of libraries (similar to XML in some respects).

The News Tiles refresh data every 30 minutes on the Premium tier and every 2 hours on the Free tier. You would need to format the response as an RSS feed to use the News Tiles. The benefit here is the tile takes care of all the layout and rendering which means it’s a bit easier to setup, but the trade-off is you don’t have control over the look and feel.

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I think the best option would be to have a media tile as you suggested and link it to my script which will generate the relevant SVG image. I’m assuming I can just link directly to the SVG image as a media tile with a custom refresh rate?

When I add a link to my script that has a certain refresh rate. Lets say for example 10 seconds refresh. When the Kiosk App goes to screensaver mode, is my media tile still refreshing in the background at the same 10 second rate? The reason I ask is because it seems like a waste of resource for a tile to be refreshing if the Kiosk app is sleeping. Isn’t there a way for you to detect if active and if so then refresh the tile at the specified rate otherwise keep the tile static until screen active again?

With Fully Kiosk Browser, yes, the media tiles will continue to refresh in the background when the screensaver is active. Fully Kiosk Browser basically just layers the screensaver on top of the existing page.

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