Ability to turn tile on/off based on variable

I am moving from Allonis MyServer. One of the nice features of that platform is the ability to have objects appear and disappear based on a variable state. You could also have this happen in the same screen real estate through the use of layers.

For example, I have a button appear in the same place at different times of day - such as wake up routine, then later in the day evening lights, then get ready for bed, etc.

I found one discussion on turning tiles on and off - perhaps there are more that I couldn’t find:

If this is worthy of a feature request then I could provide more information? Thanks.

As I dig around I feel like I should be able to use the configure style/icon to accomplish some if not all of this:

However, I don’t know where to get started with this? Some specific examples:

I want to create a tile that display alarm status - Armed - Home, Armed - Away, Off. I could create multiple things - one for each state and then use rules to set a text string in a single variable. Then I could set states for one tile based on the variable states. Am I on the right track? I built all of this but I don’t know how to add the display of that variable on a tile with the cascading state options as described in the style icon by attribute. For example display one of three different icons and text line based on the state of this variable. Thanks.

In theory, you could have a single tile do different things based on the time of day using Rule tiles. The idea would be to create a rule that ran different actions based on time (or other conditions).

If you wanted the style to have a different look or different words displayed, you could probably accomplish it with a Variable - for example, a Text variable that would have it’s value set at different times of day based on a rule. Then the tile would be configured to run another rule which could run different actions based on the value of the variable.

One of the challenges is that tiles are automatically reflowed left-to-right, top-to-bottom. So if a tile actually disappeared it would shift the rest of the content around.

There’s some tricks using Styles that could achieve a tile visually disappearing (going transparent) or swapping out the icon/text based as alluded to above.

My suspicion is there’s probably certain scenarios that could be accomplished today… and certain scenarios that would require a different layout model.