Kiosker iOS Update


Just a notice to everyone using iPads and Kiosker (Pro).
If you haven’t noticed, the App was updated.
While it provides a slightly modified menu system - one of the big changes for me is the ability to use a website for the screensaver.

I am using my old DakBoard (free) account as my screensaver (which consists of a calendar view) vs. the Clock, which has been my standard now for a while.

If you haven’t tried it out…
Once you are in the menu system, select screensaver, press and hold on the existing screensaver, then on mode select “Website”

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Thanks for sharing - sounds like a nice improvement!

I am beta testing kiosker. It is a nice app but does lack some of the nice HA features that Fully Kiosk possesses.

The most important feature for me is to remotely address the tablet and change screens. I use this a lot with my Fully Kiosk and windows based touchscreens. So I can switch screens based on events and timing - for example put up a sleep screen when the house goes to bed.

They have indicated that they plan to add this capability - through a cloud service. I did suggest to them to look into implementing this both through cloud and local. I understand cloud is probably good for their professional kiosk customers and probably provides ongoing revenue opportunities. But for HA this is overkill when you want to tell a tablet in your home to load a different Sharptools screen.

Incidentally I also use Dakboard - only for their slideshow capability. I pay for their service so I can set up multiple slide shows and enclose them in Sharptools dashboards. This is on the wish list - Google Photos integration - but seems not to be at the top of everyone’s list!

We recently cutover to a new approach for realtime data and one of the things I was thinking about using it for is the ability to push actions down to ‘viewing’ devices.

There’s a feature request for it here, but it hasn’t picked up much interest from the community:

As you may be alluding to, having a photos integration plus the ability to dynamically change which dashboards a ‘viewing’ device is displaying would let you keep everything in SharpTools without needing a separate Kiosk App or Screensaver Site. :slight_smile:

Kiosker came back to me and proposed using mqtt. That would be fine with me as I have an mqtt server running but that is one more hop for most folks. So something native would be very nice.

If you tackle either I would be happy to test. I think I am out of votes so may need to redistribute some of them!

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