Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Its Super Tiles :)

Hi, Just started to use the Super Tiles feature and loving it.
Can someone tell me whether if I combine things into a supertile if its possible to style the colors of the individual tiles. e.g. I have a presence super tile made up of 4 things (each member of my family). I have it set up to show a different icon when someone is away which works at an individual icon level but can’t see how to change its color.
Is this possible yet?



Styles apply to the whole tile, so it’s currently not possible to target an individual item within a Super Tile.

Feel free to create a feature request for it though!

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Thanks added a feature request here.

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This is why I’d like to be able to merge or group a number of tiles. So that they appear as a single tile without space between them, even though each is edited in the normal manner. I made a feature request for that but it appears I’m the only person in the universe that wants it or thinks it’s a good idea! :disappointed: