Integrating my Zmodo camera

I have all the information I need but don’t know how to enable it I have both the addresses what’s the procedure of installing it I have no idea what to do

What model camera is it? You’ll need an MJPEG stream or an image snapshot stream and then you can use the instructions in the following article to use a Media Tile.

The iSpyConnect database is a popular resource for finding the right URL for a specific camera model. Here’s the ZModo page:

I tried ispyconnect wouldn’t find any of my cameras now I’m using Blue Iris and it’s found four of my cameras have one left to find the thing is I need to figure out what’s the address in the Blue Iris Software the camera is a Zmodo ZH-IZV15-WAC

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@Joel_jones, Since you are using Blue Iris, you can use the Media tile with your camera’s MJPEG stream from Blue Iris like the link below, and make sure the correct camera short name is used in the end of the URL.


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first I’d like to thank you for your help and I’ve tried address several ways can’t seem to get it to work I’m doing something wrong

also the camera in the picture can’t find it totally using Blue Iris iSpy ONVIF device manager
also on the calendar address I can put it into a browser and it works fine but put it into a tile and it won’t work
I don’t know what to do next but thanks for your help

If I follow correctly, I think there are two things you are working on here:

  1. Getting the camera streams into Blue Iris
  2. Getting the camera streams from Blue Iris into your dashboard

Cameras into Blue Iris

Regarding getting the camera streams into Blue Iris, do I understand correctly that you already have four of your cameras in Blue Iris and working as expected and you are still trying to get one camera integrated into Blue Iris? If so, let’s work on getting one of the currently working cameras from Blue Iris into SharpTools first. :slight_smile:

Blue Iris Camera into SharpTools

Regarding getting the camera streams from Blue Iris into your dashboard… have you tried opening the URL format James mentioned directly in your browser? You’ll need to be on the same network as your Blue Iris server (and not have any Firewalls on the BI machine blocking things). You should see a live camera stream if it’s the correct format.

For example, if I open up my camera with the short name of FrontYard in my browser, I would see:

In order to use the camera in, you’ll want to make sure your Blue Iris Web Server setting around authentication allows direct access to local streams. See the following post for more details:

I don’t think you can stream from this cam.
You can try rtsp://admin:admin@ip
It’s similar to the Xiaomi cam. You have to root the firmware I believe.

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OK tried these addresses in Chrome browser (this one is from Onvif)

yes I have four cameras integrated into blue iris
and I have the pivot camera that can’t find all together in the software

Just to be clear, the in the first two addresses needs to be the IP address and port of your Blue Iris server (since you will be streaming from it).

OK tried these addresses in Chrome browser (this one is from Onvif)

yes I have four cameras integrated into blue iris
and I have the pivot camera that can’t find all together in the software


yes the addresses is the IP address and port of your Blue Iris server

What happens when you try to hit either of those first two addresses in a browser?

For that matter, have you confirmed that you can access the Blue Iris web server directly in your browser?

don’t know how it is confirmed service from blue Iris
when I plugged it into the browser it didn’t work

@Joel_jones can you post some screenshots of the issue when accessing Blue Iris web server in browser so we can better understand the issue and help?

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As you can tell I’m a real novice to this what I’m looking for is the IP address to get from blue iris to use on sharptools

@Joel_jones I see. You will need to configure the “Web server” in Blue Iris through wizard first. And then grab the local IP from Blue Iris Web server to use it in SharpTools media tile.

See screenshot below for my BI web server IP and how I can access a particular camera’s MJPEG stream through the link from BI webserver.

You can also check out the help document in Blue Iris for setting up BI webserver.

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Thanks for the help I have it on the web now but still trying to find out the address for using the tiles on sharptools tired different addresses but nothing yet any suggestions the address that I used to sign in on the web page doesn’t work on the sharptools looking to see if I need to set something up on the blue iris or just a different address

@Joel_jones Can you confirm if you can access your camera view through Blue Iris on your browser? Ex: from my previous reply and screenshot. I can access my garage camera by pasting _http:// in Chrome browser where the IP address is my Blue Iris server’s IP address. If you can do so, then make sure you change Blue Iris Web server Authentication to “Non-LAN- only” in Blue Iris → Settings → Webserver → Advanced, so the local devices can view cameras without login, assuming the devices you run SharpTools are in the same local LAN with you Blue Iris server.

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don’t think I had the blue iris option web page part of it configured right I went through that and configured it again I got it so I could view it on a browser and was still having trouble to get it to work on sharptools finally I tried logging in on the Blue Iris server then I have the same browser go to sharptools and got it to work so to double check my work I logged out of everything log back into sharptools and the camera wasn’t working again log back onto the blue iris service and sharptools started working on the camera I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but that’s the way it worked so I’d like to thank everybody for all the help

okay now the blank after that you see is the calendar I can get the address to work in a browser I can’t get it I can’t get it to work in the sharptools

Glad you got it working. It seems you didn’t set Blue Iris web server’s authentication to “Non-LAN Only”, which will allow you to view cameras from devices in your local network without having to logon BI in the same browser.

What url are you using for the calendar? I am guessing it is to a web page, instead of a static/streaming image. Please remember that the medial tile only supports MJPG, GIF, JPG, PNG and other static/streaming images, but not regular web page. See KB article below for the details.