Inconsistent Units Display on Secondary Attribute Values

I have some tiles set to show Hero Attribute. The values that show for the secondary attribute (energy in all case) sometime show units (“kWh”) and sometimes not. As far as I can tell we cannot set units for the secondary attribute so I’m not sure what drives that.

The issues does not seem to relate to DTH vs Edge. In all cases the values show for the devices in SharpTools under Account/Things without units.

Examples (the zero numbers are because today was a reset day).:

The example below is a DTH device.

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 1.06.48 PM

In the three below the top one is using a DTH. The lower two are Edge based.

Since I took these grabs earlier today all are showing without units again.

The units are pulled off the ‘current state’ of the device attribute. When the device is first sync’ed over, the system copies the states over 1:1. After that, it relies on events and I suspect that there’s something quirky with the next-gen SmartThings events. I’ll take a closer look.

As a workaround, you could use a Super Tile to build a custom layout. It probably wouldn’t make sense for lots of individual devices as you’d have to create a Super Tile for each, but it could be a good use case for combining several of the devices together into a single Super Tile.

Edit: this is fixed with the October Updates :slight_smile:

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