October 2022 Updates!

Alongside the release of the highly requested Math and Date Expressions feature and the Extra Event Data feature, October was filled full of neat updates:

  • SmartThings (next-gen)
    • Improve support for attributes where there was a capability overlap (and one might report nulll)
    • Improve support for units in SmartThings events (retain synced units)
    • Alphabetically sort Scene lists in dashboards and rules
    • Fixed heating/cooling mode-support validation for thermostats
  • Home Assistant
    • Fixed event subscriptions for Security System Tile for Home Assistant
    • Additional style mappings for Security System Tile
    • Improve input_select and media_player compatibility
  • Rules
    • Ensure variables are set before rule continuation
    • Restrict numeric rule inputs to numbers on Firefox/Safari
  • Dashboards
    • Fixed clipping issue on long dashboard tile labels
    • Preserve whitespace in Super Tile custom units
  • Other
    • Custom Tile Editor - updated code editor to the latest version
      • Includes support for Shift+Delete (copy) / Shift+Insert (paste) keyboard shortcuts!
    • Rate limits are no longer incremented if already exceeded (quicker resets)
    • Other bug fixes and improvements

@josh am I right in thinking this resolves the problem I reported where secondary attribute units were inconsistently shown on tiles? It does appear to be resolved for me although I’ll need to check for a while as it was very sporadic.

Yes! You’ll need to resync the devices to get the initial listing for the ‘units’ loaded, then this will prevent them from getting dropped when using the Next-Gen SmartThings connection and new events come in. :slight_smile:

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Great, thanks!

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