Ideas for Creative Use of Dashboard?

I’m looking for creative ways to use my sharptools dashboard. How do you use your sharptools dashboard in ways other than the obvious?

My personal uses are geared towards a large wall-mounted display in our mud room. So, the creative ways I have in mind target something other than typical smart home control. More for notification purposes. But feel free to expand beyond that.

Here’s some ideas of my own to kick off sharing.
(1) Automatically show different dashboards under different conditions. For example, I can have different dashboards with different weather-indicating backgrounds, and change dashboard displayed based on the weather (a little more sophisticated and visually appealing than a weather forecast tile). And I can have different dashboards for day/night and change based on time of day. Auto display happy birthday wallpaper when it’s somebody’s birthday. Same for Christmas or holidays… So, backgrounds can be changed for informational purposes, not just for looks
(2) I have a bluetooth beacon that detects when i get in the car. When I get in the car after work, display my estimated time of arrival home, so that my family knows when to expect me.
(3) display mail icon if the mailbox has mail in it, or a package if there’s a package at the front door that hasn’t been picked up yet
(4) I assign static IP addresses to regular visitors (e.g., parents, close friends), primarily so that i can auto detect when an overnight guest is here (and adjust smart home accordingly). Could auto display a personal welcome message on the dashboard when guest is present.

What other ideas do you have?

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I really like the idea of changing the dashboard based on some external trigger (weather, presence, time etc). Not sure how to do that though. Especially if your using fully kiosk for your dashboard.

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You can change the dashboard based on the event if you are using Fully Kiosk. It’s a bit different than what @Justin_Leonard was suggesting, which is more sophisticated changes in the dashboard (background, dynamic tile?), but you can basically load a different dashboard when an event occurs. See below for the related discussions and it can be pretty creative to show the different dashboards for day/night, someone rings the door bell, motion triggered, and etc.


Yup, I indeed envisioned needing to load a different dashboard since the different backgrounds would likely prompt different tile placement. Glad to see it can be done