Hue Bulb Group Transition

I’m just curious. I have been wanting a grouping of hue lights to transition from a certain brightness and hue to another over a period of time (ie bright white lights during the day transition to dimmed soft white over 60 minutes beginning 60 minutes before sunset). The problem was that they would dim one at a time and not all at once. Does this update solve that?

Faster Rule Execution!

Hi @Blair_Madeley, I am sorry, this update doesn’t include the feature to execute command to a group devices simultaneously. But it is a good idea for sure and you may want to create a Feature Request so others can vote as well.:grinning:

Which platform is this on? When controlling a group of bulbs, a group broadcast is going to be the best approach. Otherwise, you’ll always end up with some level of ‘popcorn’ effect where each light comes on slightly after the other.

Hubitat’s Hue implementation has native support for Hue groups (and the community developed CoCoHue is popular). On SmartThings, the Hue B Smart community integration is quite popular as it has Hue Group support.