Hubitat Virtual Volume not supported?

I control my rack audio system using a Global Cache IR unit. I have a Virtual Volume setup in Hubitat but I don’t see that in any of the options in Sharptools? Is there another device I could use to bring volume controls over? Thanks.

I am also interested to learn how I can access the Hubitat Virtual Audio Volume device within SharpTools. This may be a limitation in Hubitat, as I had similar issues trying to expose the devices to Alexa.

We have 4 Arylic DIY WiFi audio boards for which I have worked out some basic API commands. It would be great to add an audio dashboard that can at least control Volume and Pause/Resume (or Mute/Un-Mute).

This acrylic audio boards are super cool. I had never seen those before.

I finally chose to just move forward with Virtual Dimmer, so I can get the basic functions running … maybe even add Alexa voice commands later.
Off / On triggers the API commands for Pause / Resume. Setting the level triggers the command to set volume. To get fancy, I set up our two indoor zones as a master and slave (turn off/on together, but volume can be controlled separately).

The only challenge that I have now is changing WiFi sources (Pandora, iHeartRadio, etc.). It would be awesome to send TTS announcements using the VoiceRSS API and then go back to the audio playlist link.

I too am using the virtual dimmer as I like the popup slider control for the volume.

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The slider certainly is a nice feature. Due to significant differences in speakers, amps, and locations, though, I may create some sort of transfer function to normalize the perceived volume in each application. My indoor speakers are probably OK, but the others should really have some simplified audio taper.

Hi Hatallica,

I am planning to get in-ceiling speakers in each room and control them with Acrylics. Can you tell me about these API commands and what else you have done to control them?

Thanks so much!

I normalize the volume in Homeseer, which is managing the direct serial control of the Nuvo amplifier. 0-100% instead of +/- db. It is working quite nicely. The virtual dimmer works well - only complaint is the labeling on the dimmer pop-up which refers “Dim”. I posted a suggestion to change this here - Suggestion - Have dimmer use label text

Sorry for the slow response. I relocated for a new job and have not been active on the community.

Digging through my notes, I found this link of documentation.

I recommend giving the Arylic modules a static IP address, so you can make commands that will always go to the correct device. Here are some examples that I have from my previous setup (use your specific IP address):

I tried a bunch of things last year, but eventually settled on this Hubitat integration:

The modules are still in a moving box, so we will see what happens at the new house.

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