Hubitat Virtual Button help

Hi, I have a virtual button rule that I am trying to integrate into a button on my ST dashboard. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to integrate the virtual buttons onto the dashboard.

I have the button set up in HE and when I am on the device page it works as intended to turn off all my ceiling fans. When I try to add it to ST, I don’t know what settings to use to make it a push-button action to fire the rule. I think I am missing something very simple here.

This is what I have when I add the button to the dashboard.
Screen Shot 2023-11-21 at 10.13.13 AM

The settings to edit…

Which driver are you using for the virtual button?

You can find some details around Virtual Buttons in Hubitat + SharpTools, including some alternative approaches you can take, here:

:white_check_mark: Button that utilizes HE virtual button

There are several different approaches you can take:

  1. Change to a Virtual Switch and enable the ‘Auto Off’ setting
  2. Change to a Custom Virtual Momentary Button driver
  3. Use a SharpTools Rule to send the push() command to your button or run the actions directly
  4. Use a Super Tile - you can use commands like push() directly as an action

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the response. I have it as a virtual button right now but will use whatever I can to make it work. Let me check those links out and see if they work. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Hi, I changed it to a virtual switch and enabled the setting. Now what? When I bring it into ST, I still have the same options to edit the tile. I think I am missing a step here.

You have to reauthorize the device to SharpTools if its underlying characteristics changed. That will sync over the new details about the device into SharpTools so the appropriate tile layouts show up.

That was helpful and it did work. I went with the momentary swith. When I push the button it changes from off to on and follows the button rule in HE. It then gives the caution symbol. When I refresh the page it reverts back to normal. Other than that, it is working as intended. Thank you.

You’ll want to use a longer auto off interval if you are using the virtual switch. Or you could change to using a Hero Attribute layout or Super Tile which doesn’t have the optimistic switch functionality.

Alternatively, the Custom Virtual Momentary button approach would make the Momentary Tile Layout available which acts just like a button.

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