Hubitat HSM Feature

Is there any way to see the current status of the HSM? I am using the arm/disarm tiles, but when I arm HSM there is no status to tell me that it is currently in the armed state.

If you have an ‘Active’ and ‘Default’ color applied to your tiles either as a Dashboard Setting or on the individual tiles, then the tiles will highlight when that state becomes active.

The HSM ‘Picker’ tile will also update its icon to reflect the current HSM state.

Mine just says “Disarm” but this never changes, it does not say “Disarmed.” I am referring to the HSM picker.

What Hubitat hub firmware are you running?

Most recent which is

Let me update my test hub and see if I can reproduce. Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

And do you also have SmartThings authorized? The Hubitat HSM Picker should not have ‘Disarm’ as an option for the bottom-right current status label on the HSM picker… only ‘Disarmed’. If I remember correctly, only SmartThings SHM can show ‘Disarm’ in the bottom-right corner label of the picker.

I am only using a Hubitat currently.

Thanks for the screenshot and the additional details.

Can you go to your SharpTools User page and then click the ... next to your Hubitat location and send me the URL it navigates you to?

It should look like the format:

I reset the location. Can you give it a try now?

Edit: What other apps are installed on your Hubitat hub? It looks like the hub emitted an alarmSystemStatus location event at one point which our platform interprets as a (smartthings) SHM value. My guess would be there is/was an app on your hub which emitted that event at some point.

My suspicion would be it would be some sort of app that likely was available on SmartThings at one point and was ported over to Hubitat or is also available on SmartThings as that’s how SHM is set in the SmartThings world.

This worked thanks.

Yes the alarm app was ported from smartthings. But I could only port over some of the HSM integration over from SHM cause I am not a Dev and have limited experience. It works enough to arm/disarm properly.

Edit: I figured SharpTools would just use the HSM status so it wouldn’t matter.

Both SHM and HSM were set on the location. We’ll add some logic to filter out rogue alarmSystemStatus events from being interpreted as am SHM value for Hubitat. :grinning: In the meantime, you could update the app to drop the alarmSystemStatus events. The last status was back in September, so it might already have been done.

Sounds good, thanks. Yeah I checked the code and I had already removed it.

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I think I am having the same issue as Kevin. My Hubitat HSM statuses aren’t updating correctly. I commented out that ST SHM code which I assume is the root of my issue. Any chance you could reset my location as well to fix this? The url is:


Done. Let me know if that helped.

yup that fixed it thanks!

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