Hubitat Safety Monitor tiles


So I have the Hubitat™ Safety Monitor working, and the tiles in SharpTools work for dismissal, arming, disarming.

That being said, the tiles dont change color, or make any indication that its armed, or there are any alerts.

Is this something that will be fixed?

I saw another thread where it showed the tiles working, but mine does not do that.

Hubitat Elevation™ Platform Version


Do you have colors applied to your HSM tiles? By default, the tiles don’t have any color applied to them. As shown in the GIF in that thread, I modified the dashboard settings to apply a color scheme to all the tiles in the dashboard which enables the HSM tile highlighting:


I checked each tile, but did not change any colors as they looked to have the default colors already in there… Didnt work… I changed one tiles colors, and now everything looks like its working…

The only thing NOT working now is it doesnt show any sort of alert colors… I get a text from hubitat on my phone, but would be nice if the cancel alert button changed color if there was active alerts…??

Thank you for the quick reponse too!


Sounds like a good feature suggestion / enhancement. From what I can tell from reading the HSM API docs, it looks like there is an hsmAlert event which we could use to track alerts. I’ll add it to the list. :slight_smile:


Great!!! Would be awesome if the “cancel alerts” tile was “active” when the HSM is in ALERT mode!