Hubitat Aladdin Connect Garage

Following this, because I have the same issue with Aladdin Connect through Hubitat. Device works fine via Hubitat Dashboards, but does not show up in SharpTools through any of the normal ways to add a device.

Hey @Todd_Williamson - I hope you don’t mind that I moved your reply out of the SmartThings placeholder device topic and into it’s own topic.

The difference with Hubitat is many of the cloud or LAN drivers are community developed, so sometimes it’s as simple as making a simple tweak to the driver to add a supported capability. This is in contrast to SmartThings where many of the cloud-to-cloud integrations are controlled by the vendors so we don’t have the ability to tweak things.

What Aladdin integration / driver are you using on Hubitat? Can you please share a link to the related community post or GitHub repo?

No worries at all…just seemed like a similar issue as the one I was having so I thought I would keep tabs on that post. Here is the link to the GitHub page for the Aladdin Connect driver I’m using:

Can you give this updated version of the garage door driver a try? If it works as expected, I’ll submit the changes to the device author for integration in their code.

It basically just adds a ‘ContactSensor’ capability which is very commonly used with Garage Doors. This provides wider compatibility with apps and in this case will enable you to authorize it in SharpTools more easily.

Okay, thanks Josh! I added the code and now see the Garage Door listed as a Contact Sensor. Since it’s this late in the evening I’ll test the “open/close” functionality of it tomorrow, but I’m definitely able to add it to my dashboards now. You rock!

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Morning update…Garage tile opens and closes the Garage, but only ever reports back a Closed state. Is that something I need to set up somehow via Rule Engine? Or should it be reporting Open once pressed?

This change only adds an additional contact attribute. It doesn’t change the existing Garage Door functionality.

Is the device reporting the proper states when you look at the device details in Hubitat?

Yes it does. I wondered if it was just a delay since it’s calling out via Aladdin Connect, so there are lots of layers, but after five minutes it was still reporting as Closed, when the Hubitat Dashboard reports the state change to Open with minimal delay.

I would need some more details to help troubleshoot. If you want to send a PM to @support with the dashboard ID and device ID, I’d be happy to look into it with you.

The first thing I would try is doing a full refresh of the dashboard (eg. tap the refresh button in your browser). When the web app first loads, it runs a series of health checks which can correct common issues - one of those being making sure that event subscriptions are setup as expected.