Hub Time in Tile

Is there a way of having a tile display the Hubitat hubs actual time and date? I have a time/date tile on my iPhones dashboard but just realised that it displays browser time. I’m away on holiday for the first time since 2019 BC (before covid). I don’t need to know what time it is where I am now (Milwaukee) as that’s obvious. I’d like the Time/Date tile to reflect that of the hub (UK) so I can see at a glance when checking what’s going on while in another time zone. It would be great if a time zone option could be added to the tile. I’d make a feature request but it’d take too long to get upvoted! Or maybe it’s possible with a custom tile? Thanks

Yes, this could be accomplished with a Custom Tile. Here’s a basic example for you:

:arrow_double_down: Import International Clock Custom Tile

You can find an IANA formatted timezone list on Wikipedia for the configuration.

Examples include:

  • America/Los_Angeles
  • America/Phoenix
  • America/Chicago
  • America/New_York
  • Europe/London
  • Europe/Berlin
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Thanks Josh, I knew you’d have an answer. Is there any way of adding the day and date to that same custom tile. I’m not sure how it works but depending on what time I bring the dashboard up while away from home, it would be good to be able to show that also (for the time zone selected)

@Shariff_Attaya was just asking about customizing the clock tile to remove the AM/PM designation from the 12h format, so I pushed an update to the ‘International Clock’ custom tile to support passing in a custom format:


Edit: I just realized that I needed to update the import URL in the post above, so I’ve done that and it should point to the new update now. :slight_smile: