HSM Pin Protection

Is there an ability to interface the Pin Protection with HSM with the Hubitat Lock Code Manager? It would make it more manageable to have the codes managed in a single place and allow each person to have their own pin code instead of having to share the most secure component of your security system, the disarm code.

If a similar request already exists, please consolidate. I couldn’t find one.

In that case, I would recommend voting on this feature request:

That thread and the Hubitat community thread it links to describe some of the challenges with trying to use Hubitat’s Lock Code Manager (LCM) for this. LCM is specifically designed for interfacing with Lock devices - the lock codes aren’t actually stored in LCM and there’s no API to interface with LCM (or for LCM to interface with anything other than a lock device).

Thank you @josh for the additional info.