How to set thresholds for Active Style

How can I set the threshold for a Hero Tile to change to Active on Battery?

ie Tile turns RED when battery becomes 30% or less?

Assumes Hero Active color attribute assigned to Battery

The Battery Tile layout supports this natively.


:link: Fan Tiles, Battery Tiles, Label Tiles, and More!

To use the Battery Tile layout, tap the ... in the top-right corner of your tile (while editing your dashboard), then choose Change Layout and then choose the Battery Tile option.


Then you can tap the ... in the top-right corner of the tile and choose Edit where you’ll see the settings for customizing the thresholds.


There’s also a feature request open for being able to set custom thresholds for mapping tile styles in the Hero Attribute tile which you can vote on here:

:link: Color State Mapping for Custom Attributes

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Damn it that is GREAT!!!

I can heat map the house using this!!!


The more I use the more I like it.

Thanks - took me a while to notice the response - sorry for delay!

Actually is there anyway to change ALL Temp tiles to use a standard model

I have over 30 temp sensors in the house !!


Not at the moment, but there is a feature request open for creating ‘templates’ for color states so they could be reused across different tiles if you want to cast a vote on it: