How to get around connection limit in browser to multiple cams on Blue Iris?

I have blue iris (BI) with 10 cams and displaying media tiles on a Fire Tablet running Sharp Tools. I recently added the last 2 cams, and so am hitting the connection limit in the browser. Prior to this, I created groups in BI for the cameras, but I don’t like that when I click the tile to expand it, I see all the cameras in the group (smaller images), and what I really want is bigger images to inspect what’s going on. BI doesn’t really like to bind to multiple IP’s from what I can tell, but I need to get around the connection limit issue. I know this isn’t really a SharpTools issue (other than I would really like to see an option in ST media tiles to click on the BI media group, then when the picture expands, to have the option to cycle through the individual cameras that make up the group by tapping (I.e. tap 1= camera 1, tap 2 moves to camera 2, etc - double tap exits back to ST menu))

Anyway - my question is - any suggestions on how to get around the 7 connection limit in the browser? I don’t have a custom dns server at home, though I do own an external dns domain, and I could add multiple dns entries for it to resolve to my own internal ip address of the BI server, I suppose. What do you think?

That’s a reasonable approach. You could even just use wildcard DNS entries like those from

I would also note that Blue Iris can be added in Custom Tile with a URL. This is a really neat approach as it leverages all the work done in the Blue Iris “UI3” update so you can use new streaming technology, take advantage of camera groups, and even toggle in an out of specific cameras.