How to display an attribute that’s not offered?

How can I display the power on a tile on my dashboard. I’m missing that. I have a Neo Coolcam Power Plug for my TV

It monitors the power so I can (for e.g.) set the lights to a certain level when the TV comes on. I’d like to be able to see that power on a tile, but I don’t see an option to select which attribute to display. Sorry if I’m being dense.

Is it maybe the same answer as this from Jan '19 :-} ?



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OK, I figured out one answer.

Create a variable, populate that variable with the attribute of the device you want to display on the dashboard tile, and then create a tile to display that variable. That works.

A related question… how in Rule Engine can I do a compare for “is more than xyz variable (or abc device attribute) by a certain amount”?

Why? If my TV power changes and is more than x, that tells me the TV is on (and so adjust the lights to how we want them to be to watch TV).

If I then change the lights (to eat dinner) I don’t want a small change in power to re-trigger the “If my TV power changes and is more than x, adjust the lights to how we want to watch TV”?


Thanks for posting, Scott!

The Hero Attribute Tile that’s briefly mentioned in the other thread is usually the preferred way of going about this. You can find more details on how to change to the Hero Attribute Tile layout in the following help article:

Tagging @James on this one. I don’t think there’s a way to do this directly in the Rule Engine today, but there’s a feature request open for Math with Variables if you wanted to cast a vote on that.

That being said, there may other ways to achieve what you are looking for depending on what devices are being used and what’s setup. For example, there may be a device integration for your TV that could be used to more directly identify the TV state.

As @josh noted that Math functions in Rule Engine has been requested, but not available yet. However, I am wondering if you can achieve the same goal by adding an additional IF condition to check the current light status before adjusting the lights. For example:

Trigger: when the TV’s power is changed and is greater than X,
Flow: If the light living room light is off, or if the living room light level is greater than 50, then dim the light to 50; otherwise, do nothing.

So the rule may be triggered by the TV’s power change, but won’t execute any actions unless the lights’ condition is met.

Thanks! You’re right. That works perfectly. Am a bit smarter now. I like the ability to override the units.

For sure. Done. Thanks! Sharp Tools should hire you guys (wink).