How to connect Tuya devices to SmartThings and SharpTools

No, I have not reached out to their support folks yet. I will try to do that tomorrow to see if they have any ideas. I’ve already reset and reconfigured my hub once to see if that was the issue. Apparently that was not.

I do have a new light switch coming tomorrow that I will try to setup in the SmartThings hub (everything else has been setup in the Alexa app first).

Thank you for your help.

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When you login to SmartThings IDE site, do you use Samsung account or SmartThings account? Just another thought that maybe two different accounts were created using the same email?

I have always logged in with SmartThings account. I don’t have any other Samsung branded products so I assumed using SmartThings would make more sense.

Hold on…I just logged on with the Samsung Account and my devices are there! Let me see if this will works…


Yep, that did the trick! Logging in with Samsung account is what I needed to do. Thank you for all your help, guys! I’m sure I’ll have many more questions as I work on trying to setup my dashboards!


Glad to hear that did the trick, and thanks for reporting Novostella bulb works with this integration as well. Don’t forget to show off your dashboard in the thread once you are done setting up your dashboard. :wink:

I’ll definitely show off whatever I come up with. I have a nice long weekend with Christmas a week away, but I’ll warn you I’m not even remotely a programmer. I’m pretty good with technology but I took just enough C++ programming back in the day to be dangerous and that was 30 years and a couple of careers ago. So I will probably need lots of hand-holding. Hopefully tomorrow I can figure out virtual switches in SmartThings to control my Nexlux LED light strips.

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I added the Globe app to my phone and moved one of my Feit color smart bulbs to it. Globe was able to control many of the features of the bulb.

I then added the globe integration to Smart things and found that all controls work great now in smatthings.

I was happy so I went to add my second bulb to globe, and then went to add it to smart things via the Globe integration, but I can’t figure out how to get it added to Smart things . Any help would be appreciated.


So the second bulb is now available. I’m not sure what fixed it. It was just a matter of time or the action of going to Smart things settings > connected services > Globe suites, and it was just listed there.


This seems to be a one-way integration. I can control the device from ST, but when it is manually turned on or off with the physical switch or the SL app, it doesn’t update ST.

My device is a fireplace controller

It’s still better and faster than IFTTT!

Continuing the discussion from How to connect Tuya devices to SmartThings and SharpTools:

Continuing the discussion from How to connect Tuya devices to SmartThings and SharpTools:

Yes I noticed the same. That is the unfortunate thing about this. If I used Google assistant for instance to turn on the light, then Smart things isn’t aware and the bulb (and consequentially Sharp Tools) still thinks it’s off.

I discovered if you refresh the device in ST, it will reflect the switch state. Unfortunately there is no way to automate this in ST. But you can do it in webCore.

Thanks Dan, What do you mean when you say “Refresh the device in Smartthings”. Also how can this be emulated in webCore?

Thanks in advance.

For the way I have this setup, it’s important for me to be able to basically have 2 way communication between ST and Globe Suite. My use case though is primarily Google Home assitant. So if Google Home turns on the bulb, ST is not being updated with that status (although the Globe app is).


Couldn’t you unlink the Smart Life connection from Google Home then authorize the (Globe Life connected) devices via the SmartThings link in Google Home? That way when you control the devices via Google Home it will control them in SmartThings so SmartThings is aware of the state changes.

I don’t think I can in my case. The problem I have right now is that I have most of my devices in Smart things classic under the “My Home” location. I linked up the Globe suite app to the new Smart things app under the “Home” location, because it is my understanding that I couldn’t do it to the classic app.

Then Google home is also linked too Smart things classic “My Home” location and I don’t think I can link Google home to 2 different locations.?

Maybe I should just bite the bullet and switch completely to the new Smart things app, but I thought there were too many features missing from the new app.

It sounds like you might have a phantom “Home” location. This was a common issue during the changeover from SmartThings to Samsung accounts and the introduction of the Samsung SmartThings mobile app.

You can find more details on the issue as well as instructions on how to delete the phantom location and migrate any devices from the phantom location to your primary location in the following thread:

Once that’s resolved, you can have all your devices on a single location and would be able to authorize them in Google Home all under the single location.

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In the new ST app, you can refresh by dragging down on the screen. But I don’t see how you can automate it in the app. But webCore has the ability to do refresh on a device that supports it. I have it do that every minute, so the ST app is nearly always synced.

The only reason I care about this is the Tuya device I use has a remote control. I need to know when the remote control activates the device.

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You can also use SharpTools rules to refresh devices, but it would have to be triggered by a device, such as motion. Unless @josh wants to give us an “every n seconds” trigger.


For those who had difficulties linking Tuya devices through Globe Suite since last Friday(12/28), here is a post from Globe Electric in ST community that they were making some changes and the service has been impacted during this period, and they will send out an update later.

I am having difficulty getting WebCore to see my Tuya Smart bulbs. I have them integrated into SmartThings, but when I go to add them under the WebCore smart app they don’t show under any of the categories. Luckily I was able to use your rule engine to get what I wanted on the dashboard, but I thought I would ask if you might know of a solution? Also, in regards to the color control of tuya on the dashboard they are unusable for me unless I specifically set up a rule with the choose color command. Thought I would pass this on just in case you are unaware. I am quickly learning that the money you save buying cheaper Tuya wifi devices may not be worth the trouble. Thanks for all of your help!