Homeseer Platform Integration

Based on the great work you guys have done to support both ST and Hubitat, have you considered expanding your solution integration for Homeseer? This platform lacks what sharp tools enables. It has been a big topic in the DIY forums on a major gap as there customized framework HSTouch is just to complicated and does not scale well for the masses. I would love to get sharp tools developers feedback on this. It would enable greater scale and base to adopt your solution in.


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Hi @supergolfstick, thanks for your feedback and kind words. We do plan to expand the integration to other platforms, and the interests we received plays an important role in terms of the priority for us. So your post is a good start and allows others to comment if they are interested as well. :grin:

Yes have been great to have Homeseer support…


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It would be nice to have you guys work with Homeseer.

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Major +1 for Homeseer integration.


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Just a heads up that I’ve moved this topic into our new Feature Requests category which makes it easier for people to show their interest by voting. Be sure to scroll up to the top post and cast vote if you’re still interested in this!

Please add HomeSeer, we need a good dashboard for homeseer, I will happily pay for this, I just need something that works

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Make sure to cast your vote in at the top of the thread:


It doesn’t look like we are getting many votes here! Perhaps we can cross post in the Homeseer forum. Although that won’t make them very happy as they have a fee for service called HSTouch which visually looks like it is from the last century.

I use Allonis MyServer for touchscreens right now but due to multiple stability issues I am looking to switch off. I do use Hubitat as well - so could go that route. But a deeper integration with Homeseer would definitely be easier as it does all of my heavy lifting.

There are plenty of plugin developers in homeseer land that might jump at the opportunity. I can think of one that did the Hubitat driver for Homeseer. They might be interested.

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