Home Assistant Connection

We’re excited to announce the Home Assistant platform connection. Devices from Home Assistant can now be authorized to SharpTools and used in the SharpTools Dashboards and Rule Engine!

:white_check_mark: This closes out the popular Home Assistant Connection feature request.

Home Assistant is a popular open-source smart home platform known for its flexibility and extensive integrations/services. It has been one of the most requested features in the community, so we’re excited to announce its release!

This new connection offers Home Assistant users the ability create custom dashboards in SharpTools’ drag-and-drop dashboard interface and create automations in our visual rule flow editor. This provides an intuitive and easy-to-use layer on top of Home Assistant’s powerful integrations!

How to connect Home Assistant to SharpTools?

  1. Click the button below to add the SharpTools repository to your Home Assistant Addon Store. When prompted, press ‘Add’ next to the prefilled repository field.

    Open your Home Assistant instance and show the add add-on repository dialog with a specific repository URL pre-filled.

  2. Once the SharpTools repository is added, install the SharpTools Addon from the Addon Store

  3. Authorize your Home Home Assistant devices/entities to SharpTools

For detailed step-by-step instructions, check out the following help article:


  • Your Home Assistant installation must support the use of add-ons. In other words, you must be using either the Home Assistant OS or Home Assistant Supervised installation method.

  • :tada:Containerized installs are now supported alongside our existing support for Add-ons!

  • Must support Home Assistant Ingress (Home Assistant v0.91.3+)


Mad, i had cancelled my premium months ago because this was taking so long. Got your celebration email which prompted me to check and the HA connection was just release.

Talk about pure luck time to grab premium again

Thanks Team

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:partying_face: awesome!! Will be nice when my Home Assistant Yellow/Amber arrives.


I don’t think they are putting Home Assistant connection as a premium feature.

“Unlimited Smart Home Hub Connections” and “Unlimited Device Connections” are listed as free features. That would likely mean Home Assistant is free. Does not mention anywhere Home Assistant is part of premium.

This is just an offer to make it exciting and attract customers to premium plan due to Home Assistant.

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I know but its always good to support people for doing the work


Fo sho…SharpTools is my favorite dashboard due to ease of use, lots of features being added…and Home Assistant makes it even more Amazing.

Gotta support them whenever you can. :slight_smile:


This is amazing news! Looking forward to diving back into SharpTools a long time after switching away from SmartThings! Brilliant!


Is there any solution for running this in core/container where there are no add-ons? Usually the add-ons are just containerised apps that can be run separately so add-ons generally aren’t missed.

how many clicks to authorise entities ! gave up half way

@Fazed welcome to the community!

Not yet, the add-on needs some changes if running in a container somewhere else. We had initial internal discussion on this, but we don’t have a timeline yet. Can you please create a feature request and describe your HA setup ion the link below? This would help us collect the info and interests. Thanks.

@Martin_Ottolangui welcome to the community and thanks for your feedback.
Do you mind sending the screenshots of your entity list to support@sharptools.io so we can come up with a better UX on this? We are aware of the inconvenience of having to click multiple times to authorize entities, and we don’t don’t think a simple “authorize all” option is a good fit neither. Thanks.

Very nice! Glad I stayed on as Premium Yearly. Looking forward to integrating and moving the rest of my stuff from Smarthings & Hubitat to HA.

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We just posted this exciting announcement in the Home Assistant community as well. Please join us by liking/commenting in the linked thread – we really appreciate your support!


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I thought this could be my saviour before completley ripping out HA and going back to Smarthings. The learning curve is just too high for me, i really dont want to learn YAML just to turn my bathroom lights on and off via motion :wink:

Was all going well in Sharptools until I tried to set a brightness level and a colour temp of a rule…seems I can do one or the other? Am i completely missing something?

@Andy_Taylor, welcome to the community, and I just replied your rule question with the rule example screenshot in the linked thread below. :wink:

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Left a comment…this has fixed my weekend, which was heading rapidly towards disaster and ripping everything out. Sharptools may have saved my marriage as I was hella grumpy :smile:


Hi all, we just rolled out an update (v1.0.2) to support the scene entities. Please upgrade your addon and re-authorize your scene entities to SharpTools. Once the scene entity(device) is added to the dashboard, it will activate the scene when tapped. And the scene entity can be used in the Rule Engine as well.


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Quick little test…game changer for me…Thank You James


Awesome! Any plan on updating the Android app and widgets to support this too?

I have had such bad luck with HA widgets and miss them so much from my ST days I would probably pay for premium just for a few widgets on my phone.