Is this even possible?

Hey…looking to see if Sharptools can save me from HomeAssistant YAML hell

I had this setup in the old Lighting Automation app in SmartThings, and I’m trying to recreate it. I’ve given up in HA, its way too complicated for something which took me 10 mins or so previously.

Before I re-add ALL my devices back to my SmartThings hub and start again, can you do something like this in Sharptools?

Which - Bathroom Spots 1-4 AND Bathroom strip (hue) and bathroom Mirror (power socket)
What - Turn on and set colour
Colour - Daylight
Dimmer - 100%
WHEN motion ON bathroom sensor 3 becomes active
Turn off after motions stops, after 10 mins of inactivity on sensor
ONLY IF time is between 04:33am and 12:09am
THEN start bathroom fan for 10 mins and then turn off

It doesnt seem ‘that’ complicated in my head…maybe im pushing my luck

Hi @Andy_Taylor, if I understand your automation need correctly, it should be something like this. Please note that this rule has two triggers, and can be kicked off either when the motion is changed to active, or has been inactive for 10 minutes. Then I use an IF condition and check the event’s value with a Context Variable to determine which trigger it was. Context variable is a premium only feature, and if you are using free tier, you can just check the sensor’s motion status again here if it is active or not, but using context variable will slightly faster.

The rest should pretty straightforward, but please double check if the between time is what you wanted. (Between 4:33am and 12:09 am is different from between 12:09 am and 4:33am, because the fist one is from the 4:33am today till 12:09am tomorrow.) You can add other bulbs/switches in the rule, and I am just using one Hue ambiance bulb as the example here. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


Hey James thanks for taking the time to reply!

I am premium , I’ve been premium for a couple of years but never actually got stuck in and tried to make use of it until now :joy:

The times are correct as this should be the ‘daytime’ routine, and I’ll have another to got from just past midnight until the 4:30am ish for the really sim ‘don’t trip over on the way too the loo’ routine :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s near what I want , but with you have done there has put me on track I think to get it working . The fan should come on ‘after’ there is no motion and the lights have gone out for 10mins (when the person has left)

Off to have a play…I really do t want to ditch HA if I can help it but I guess if I can get all my rules working in here what platform everything is connected to is a bit irrelevant ( other than with HA I’ve got access to more ‘things’)


Cool, glad I can help and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

That’s right. One of the biggest benefits using SharpTools is you can mix and match devices coming from different platforms. If you decide to keep SmartThings, for example, for some devices along with other devices from Home Assistant, you can surely create automation or dashboards that contain devices from both of them.

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Well I had the bathroom up and running in 10mins after your post….after spending the last 2 days trying to get it right in HA / NodeRed!

I think I’ve got bigger issues though, since moving every device off SmartThings and ontoHA with a Conbee stick it seems the zigbee network it’s created is just really flaky. Losing control of devices constantly. Weird as nothing has moved physically and the devices are all the same. So I’m still toying whether to move them all back to SmartThings where it ‘just worked’ all the time.

With Edge coming maybe I jumped at the wrong time :joy:


Moved the NUC and conbee last night to where the Smartthings hub is…and everything seems stable now. Im guessing in my Office surrounded by way too many electronic devices could have been having an impact.

Good thing is now I can just concentrate on creating all the rules…sharptools is making feel like I’m not stupid again!

Ended up with this, which seems to be working exactly as I wanted it.

I do have another question though…within HA all my Hue Scenes are there, and I chose to sync them into Sharptools. I can see then as a Device to select, but then it needs an action which is blank, and I can’t save the rule.

Can we not use these synced Hue scenes? It would make things really easy as I wouldn’t have to mess around with sending multiple commands to set brightness/hue/colours etc


Good work on your new rule. I will look into the Hue scene and let you know what I find when I am back to the office tomorrow.

And I am really glad to hear that SharpTools made things easier for you. :v:


Im getting carried away now…

Just created a rule that if the backdoor is left open for longer than a few minutes AND the temp outside is less than 10 degrees then turn the heating off. If the door is then closed , and the inside temp is below 22 turn the heating back on.

Because the family thinks its ok to try and heat the garden apparently :wink:

I can’t believe how easy it was, I’d have never attempted something like natively in HA. Superb work :ok_hand: