Hero Tile with multi purpose sensor: Removing the text beside the icon

Hello! I searched the forums for this answer but couldn’t seem to find it. Likely my miss somewhere. Just added my first wireless sensor to my existing Konnected home wired/Hubitat setup. Went smoothly! I added a multipurpose Smartthings sensor. I wanted both the open/close primary and battery status secondary. However, I cannot figure out how to remove the “Closed” and “Open” text in the middle of the tile beside the icon. I want just the icon image, like my other existing tiles above it with just the window icon.

Please assist and thanks!!


Thanks for including the details and screenshots, @Carl_S.

Since the SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor supports the ‘Contact’ capability, you could change the Tile Layout to use the Contact Sensor Tile layout. This would give you the same look and feel as the other windows on your dashboard, but you wouldn’t be able to layer the battery on the same tile.

You could add the Thing to your dashboard a second time though and change the layout to Battery Tile - so you would end up with one tile showing the window status just like the others and another tile showing the battery status. A common approach is to create a Battery Dashboard showing the battery level of your various devices.

We don’t currently have an option to ‘hide’ the Primary Attribute in the Hero Attribute Tile (the big ‘Open’ / ‘Closed’ text on the red tile in your screenshot). You could accomplish it with Custom CSS in the new Themes and Styles feature, but the icon in the Hero Attribute Tile would not change to reflect the status of the contact sensor. We have a feature request out to add State Mapping to the Hero Attribute tiles that you may want to vote on though:

:link: Style/Icon State Mapping for Custom Attributes

Thanks for that! Yes I should have added, I don’t prefer a separate tiles for battery, and want the Open/Close icon primary with battery % secondary in the same tile for cleaner condensed layout.

You did bring up a good idea I didn’t think of though, as a separate dashboard for battery status as I expand my wireless sensors. Although its not exactly what I had in mind to keep it in one dashboard snapshot, I may do that for a battery status check separate from the “main dashboard”.

Sounds like the State Mapping Hero Attribute vote mentioned would do exactly what I had in mind to have an open/close icon, and still have battery percentage in the corner of the same tile. Voted for! Thanks again.

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Just to share an idea how I manage my sensors’ battery status. I use a True/False variable and a rule to aggregate all my sensors’ battery status to remind me if any of the batteries needs attention. Tapping the variable tile will redirect me to the detailed sensors dashboard where I can see every sensor’s battery level.