Help! Slow Dashboard on Tablets

I am using a Fire HD 10 for my dashboards, but they are horrendously slow when running Sharptools EVEN when I have only a solid color and non transparent tiles. The problem is MUCH worse when the background is a photo and the tiles are transparent. I have searched through the forums and other threads around the internet, and there doesn’t seem to be any quality information. I found some talk about removing all media tiles and such, but I only have one for weather, and the problem is still there with or without that tile.

Sometimes a press on a tile doesn’t even register at all, but most of the time, it can take upwards of 10 seconds before there is any response at all.

I want to be proud of my smart home, but I am embarrassed to show my dashboard when it takes forever to do anything on a tile push. I have noticed this problem on all four of my tablets, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem on my phone or girlfriend’s phone. Girlfriend’s phone is entry level and underpowered, so I have a hard time believing hardware is the issue. The other tablets are an old Fire 7 and iPad. There are no other apps on the Fire HD 10s, and they are running Fully Kiosk, mounted to the wall.


Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that the performance isn’t ideal on these devices. Which year model Fire HD 10 tablets are they?

Have you side loaded Google Play or modified them in any way?

Thanks for the super quick response. I have not changed the tablets in any way other than installing Fully Kiosk.

Which year model are they?

They’re the 7th gen. I’m not too sure what year though.

Thanks for the details. I believe @James has a 7th generation Fire HD 10 and while it’s not the most performant device, that generation is usually sufficient for the task.

(The 7" Fire Tablet is another story altogether and we generally don’t recommend them as they are woefully underpowered and sluggish).

Are you using the version of Fully Kiosk specifically designed for Fire OS directly from the Fully Kiosk website?

Yes, I am using version 1.39 for Fire OS.

@Chris_Dewey My 7th gen Fire HD10 doesn’t have the performance issue as you have and is running Fire OS v5.3.7.0, but Fully v1.35.2. I am going to upgrade Fully to v1.39 to see if I can reproduce the same issue. Meanwhile, can you take a video when you are using your tablet and pm @support or post it within this thread, so we can get some ideas? Thanks.

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@Chris_Dewey Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce the same performance issue after upgraded Fully to v1.39. What iOS and version of the iPad you were able to reproduce the performance issue? For your Fire HD10, I’d suggest a factory reset and just install the Fully to start with. I only had the performance issue one time on my Fire HD10 and that was I side loaded Google Store and services though it was still no where like 10 seconds latency as you experienced. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: But the reset helped me.

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Of course, like bringing a car to the shop, the moment I begin recording it, it won’t can’t reproduce the problem. I am going to video the dashboard a couple more times as I use it to get it to reproduce the problem. For now, is there anything that I can do to dedicate more of the tablet’s resources to Fully/Sharptools for a smoother experience? Posting the first video I took to show a rough example.
For now, I may do a hard reset on the tablet again to see if that will help.

Edit: My ability to post the video is lacking. Apparently, my phone takes video in an unsupported format. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

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James, I have similar experience as Chris with my Fire 10’s. It’s not consistent: sometimes it snaps to attention on the first press, and sometimes takes a long nap or needs another press or two. It’s pretty much what I’ve come to accept. I recently bought a 9th generation Fire 10 (USB C connector) which I think Amazon claims is 30% faster. I think it behaves pretty much the same as the 7th generation, but it’s difficult to quantify.

I have also observed that the response from my iPhone seems instantaneous, and never requires a reminder tap.

I have used Google Play Store and Services to get Fully installed on my tablets. I see you recommend side-loading it, so would it be beneficial to uninstall the Google stuff once Fully is installed?

For Fire tablets, I would recommend a factory fresh tablet with Fully Kiosk Browser installed directly from the Fully Kiosk website (the version specifically for Fire OS).

I had the same experience James did. Any tablets that I sideloaded Google Play on would start to get sluggish over time. As a result, we recommend against sideloading Google Play.

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Thanks! I no longer need the Google stuff. Do you think uninstalling it now would be equivalent to a factory reset + Fully sideload?

I didn’t do a very thoroughly test when I experienced the performance issue with Google Play store and the services, so I cannot say it will perform the same by just uninstall the Google related stuff. However, it was just easier for me to wipe it clean and install Fully only since I didn’t have to research what/how to uninstall. :grin:

I noticed on the Fire 8 HD within fully kiosk it gives me a warning about webview being outdated. Have you seen that give any issues? I am having response and delay issues currently myself. I did a reset and a a fresh install. At times when I select to change dashboards it appears to think I’m pressing else where on the dashboard.

I did notice the webview outdated message on my Fire 8 HD(5th Gen), but I didn’t have the wrong target pressed issue. (I am not aware of any issue with the outdated webvierw at this point based on my usage.) It is definitely a bit slower than my Fire 10 in terms of the response, but maybe just a tiny bit and not that I am bothered. I also have significantly less tiles on my Fire 8 at most of the time since it was dedicated to just my Kitchen and Living room, so the dashboard was made for just the stuff around these areas.

James I figure out the issue i believe i was being cause by the power cord I was using behind the tablet within the mount. I put a few layers of electrical tape over it and the issues seem to have been resolved.


I am seeing this, now that I went live with my wall panel. I have two, one that is mounted, and one sitting on a desk waiting to be mounted. They both have long delays from tab to reaction. I am using Fully Kiosk 1.42.2 for Fire. I turned on developer mode, and only enabled the stay awake feature. The does appear to be an OS update so I am trying that now on my non-mounted unit.

I have the Fire HD 10 (7th Gen). I considered the newest one, but the better hardware only boasted “up to” 30% faster for “some” operations… So I deemed it not worth the expense. Considering the Make by Mike mounting options, if I cannot get these to perform as well as they did 1 year ago when I bought them, I may switch over to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10, but I am not convinced for the heavy price it will be all that much better (especially, since I only had to pay around $80 for this Fire from Amazon, and got a 2nd for free – love it when Amazon doesn’t want their extras shipped back)… Anyways, the point is, I have the same issue. I hate being a “me-too” guy, but I don’t really have much more to add. Will report back after the tablet update completes.

@Armand_Welsh, did you side load the Google Play Store and its services on your Fire tablets, and what do you mean by the long delay from tap to reactions? Do you mean device tile to turn on/off the light or the dashboard tiles to navigate between dashboards? How much delay you are experiencing now?

I apparently did, but I just finished a complete factory reset, and it still takes about 3 seconds from tap to response.