Google Nest Video Doorbell

I have the google nest doorbell, i have it in my sharptools as a link, but would be so cool if i can see it live on the dashboard instead of a shortcut.

Does this experimental feature work? You have to share the camera “publicly” which generates a secret URL you can use.

i opened up the google nest doorbell camera and i dont see a share option how do i do that? im in the google home app

Did you try the link from the other thread? It has some instructions from Google and it looks like you need to use the Nest app or maybe the site linked in the instructions to share publicly.

Any luck, @Perry_Rubino ? I have the same problem. I have a Nest doorbell wired. Apparently a live stream is supposed to be available but that turns out to be only through the nest app. The direct integration with ST is not exposed to 3rd parties like sharptools. Not happy!