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I am a premium user who stepped away for a bit due to reasons. I am now back and ready to keep diving into sharptools. I just tried adding a google calendar to my dashboard. I input my iCal address and it is only showing one event and not events I added for the weeks of June 20th - July 3rd. Is there a way to get the google calendar to display a monthly view, that can be clicked on to expand the information? Or a way to expand more events? I have changed the display setting from vertical to horizontal etc and can’t figure this out.

Glad to see you back on the community @Bhmhrex!

Calendars pull in the next 7 days of agenda items. There’s a feature request for adjustable calendar periods that you may want to cast a vote on.

Not at the moment, but that’s a neat idea. Feel free to create a feature request.

All that being said, since you’re using Google Calendar, you could use the ‘embed’ option from your Google Calendar along with a Custom Tile.

In this case, you could use a URL Custom Tile in SharpTools. Grab the ‘Embed code’ from your Google calendar settings (under Integrate Calendar), paste it into the URL field for the custom tile and when you press Preview it should automatically grab the parts it needs.


This works perfectly. Would like it to look a little more updated! Going to head to the feature request page and request! Glad to see the customer support is still at 100%!!! Thanks for the fast response!


im trying to make this work but i cannot get it to work. do i copy the full iframe adress or just the url to the ical?

@Christian_Ytterstrom, you will need to use the Public URL (not the iCal format one), and please make sure you are creating this in the “Custom Tile - URL Type”, which can be accessed in the Developer Tools in the profile drop-down menu, not the Media resource.

still get a sad face when doing the preview. Do i have to make it available for everyone?

Feel free to PM a screenshot of the configuration and what you’re seeing to @support and we’d be happy to take a closer look with you. :smiley:

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Just set this up and works beautifully on my PC, but not on the tablet we use as a dashboard in the hallway, I just get a sad face pop up?