Go back to Dashboard after timeout

This may have been answered, but im using fully browser on a Kindle fire 8HD with Sharptools. I have a shortcut to my Sonos app from my sharptools dashboard. If I want it to go back to the sharptools dashboard after 5 minutes of inactivity is this something i need to set in Fully, or sharptools?

There are a couple common approaches:

Fully Setting
You could use the Fully Kiosk Browser setting under:

  • Universal Launcher > Regain Focus After Idle Time (PLUS)

You can specify a duration after which Fully will automatically try to bring itself back to the foreground.

You can use an app like AutomateIt to setup a rule to automatically return you to Fully.

If [Your App] is Activated
Then Open Fully (with a delayed execution of XX seconds)

Fully Kiosk Browser Driver/DTH
You could use a bringFullyToFront() command to bring Fully Kiosk back into the foreground.

The following post has more details on both of these approaches:

:link: Keeping Fully Kiosk Browser "On Top" - #2 by josh