Fire 10 HD and Google Assistant

So I’ve figured out how to add everything Google to my new Fire 10 HD using the Fire Toolbox. I’ve turned off Alexa and turned on the Google Assistant.

I’d love to be able to use a tablet in place of a Google Home device in a given room, however whenever you use the assistant the assistant app pops up over the Kiosk dashboard, forcing you to shut it down anytime you use a voice command.

Is there any way to automatically close out the assistant after initiating a command so the browser stays in front? I have access to Tasker and have loaded it onto the tablet, but I have to be honest - I have no idea how I’d use it to close the app. Anytime I’ve used Tasker I had to borrow someone else’s automation or I needed very clear instructions. It’s not very intuitive for me to use.

Some of the tips in the following post about automatically returning to Fully Kiosk Browser after opening an app might be helpful:

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