Fully Kiosk Browser is not showing camera feed

I am new and have this strange issue with camera feed. Just to clarify, I got blueiris with stunnel.

Everything works from chrome browser as far as video feed goes without any problem.

But for some reason camera feed is not working from Fully Kiosk Browser in tablet ( I tried multiple tablets but results are same). It just showing black screen. I am attaching both screen shots. One from the desktop chrome is working (https://snipboard.io/8ZeAmO.jpg) and other in tablet using fully kiosk browser with no camera black screen (https://snipboard.io/jmfC8G.jpg ).

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Are you using a valid SSL certificate for stunnel or a self-signed cert?

Thanks for quick reply. I am using self signed certificate

The tablet browser is likely blocking the embedded content since the SSL certificate is invalid.

The proper fix would be to issue a valid SSL cert. Alternatively, there may be ways to get Fully Kiosk / Android to accept the self-signed cert.