Frame TV Integration

Wondering if anyone has integrated a Frame TV into their Sharptools rules? I see options for controlling turning on/off, volume, etc.

What I’m looking to do is set the art image based on certain criteria (seasonality, someone’s birthday, etc).

There is an option for setting the Ambient Content, which I’m assuming means that I could change the art image. What I don’t know is value structure for selecting another already saved image on the TV.

Has anyone attempted or come across anything that would help me figure it out?

I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone successfully change the art content on their TV with an automation.

It seems like there’s a bunch of potential approaches for sending advanced commands to Samsung TVs, but none of them seem to be documented.

Of these, I suspect one of the more advanced commands like execute() or postOcfCommand() would be the most likely to support a unique feature like setting the image on the TV. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any official documentation for those commands or support of automating advanced functionality from Samsung TVs.

And I haven’t personally seen much by way of the community (other than complaining of the lack of Art Mode control), but if you find something please be sure to update the thread!

Ok, I’ll poke around and update if I find anything.

What makes me think its possible (at least to switch the art from a previously uploaded art image) is this:

But, I’ll look around.

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