Samsung Smartthings enabled SmartTV Commands


I have been looking for a way to build into my sharptools dashboard a TV Remote. I have a smartthings hub and a new Samsung TV connected to smartthings. I have found out that i can use a rule with a device command and than attribute a dashboard tile to that rule. This worked great to turn TV on and off, change channels and volume, however there are a lot of commands available and i could not find out any documentation about it.

I am looking for a command for the up/down/left/right/ok but had no luck with it. Does anyone knows what those commands could be? The problem is that some commands require an expression


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Here is an example of the expressions needed for one command (sry new users can only upload 1 img per post)

I don’t believe that SmartThings has documented these custom commands for the TVs anywhere. Unfortunately a quick search through the SmartThings Community didn’t find much either.

The other command that caught my eye in your list was postOcfCommand() - it sounds like the TV is following the OCF standard which Samsung was a big proponent of. Perhaps there’s an opportunity there?

Looking through the SmartThings community, there was a post or two about it. Here’s a snippet from one of them:

Maybe there’s an opportunity to use OCF commands… if you decide to research down that path and find anything useful, please be sure to update us here!

Do you have a Harmony, Broadlink, or Global Cache IP2IR? I’ve heard other people have some success with those IR blaster/control devices.

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Thanks for the quick reply Josh!
Yes i believe i have seen that post on ST Community but did not understand it very well.
Sorry about the question but what would be OCF Commands?

OCF is the Open Connectivity Foundation. It’s a standards organization with a goal of defining an open, interoperable standard that could be used across IoT / Smart Home devices.

It doesn’t seems like it’s ever really picked up interest from the open source / end-user community. As such, you might not find many helpful resources on how to use OCF commands. Please let us know if you figure anything out!