Found a great new weather widget that integrates well as a custom tile!

Just wanted to share this new weather widget I found from Bing. I’m really excited as I hadn’t found one before that offered all the metrics I wanted to see, was interactive, and fit nicely into a tile.

Here’s a screen recording so you can see the interactivity:

Bing weather widget on SharpTools dashboard

Here is my widget URL for Keller, TX…just change the location accordingly.


Thanks for finding this. Is this a custom tile? How did you get the widget feature embedded? I have used Media with jpg or gif formats to get things like radar tiles [w/ movement], but the bing search above appears to be a whole web page. I assume being interactive tile, there are formats STools can take if I knew what I was doing.

Hi Mark,

Yes it’s a custom tile. Here are steps for you:

  1. Copy the link I gave at the bottom of my message above
  2. Edit it for your location
  3. Create a new custom tile of type URL, and paste that link in there
  4. Add the tile to your dashboard and customize the size to fit. My dashboard is 16 columns wide, and the size of my custom tile on that dashboard is 6x9. At that size it fit very nicely.

Thank you. I must have some issue on my end I will have to clear. Chrome claims it is blocked by an extension and my FKB on wall mount doesn’t show it either. I even used the Keller url straight to test it further.

Hi Mark,

Try this link, maybe it will work for you. You might have to copy/paste it into your browser.

If that still doesn’t work, here is how I got the URL for my location:

  1. Go to the Bing chat bot using this URL: (

  2. Ask Bing for your local weather forecast. I typed: What is the weather forecast for today?

  3. Bing gives the weather widget as part of its response. Right-click on it and select Inspect

  4. Above the selected row, you’ll find the iframe source URL. Right-click on it and open in a new window.

  5. Now you get the URL you need for your custom tile.

I tried the ‘near me’ url and still have some error. I will try your method of extraction and report back. thanks!

I will add that I can paste it straight in chrome (which I use for windows version of Sharptools) and it loads fine. It is just something in the custom tile - URL load.

Yes. I see the iframe url is similar to what you shared when I go to bing on Edge. I guess it is a downstream issue I have to resolve for Chrome. Interestingly, it didn’t work on Windows with Chrome or my Fire tab on wall at first, but now after trying different reloads of url, it is at least working on Fire tabs (which is a win in my book). thanks so much for assisting me.

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Are you using custom style sheets to get the page display to fit your tile size?

No, I just set the tile size to match the iframe, which happens to be about the size i wanted anyway. Would love to know how to do what you suggested though!

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Stumbled across this and worked though I have no idea if the background can be translucent? I don’t have a white background so does not look good.