Format Painter to quickly edit multiple tiles

Sorry if I have missed a method, but is there not a way to set one tile with all the style customizations you would like, and then quickly copy that style to others? I suppose that changing the default code do this to some extent, but I am using custom CSS fomratting and have multiple styles that I choose from. Often I place 10 or so things on a new dashboard, and need to change all 10 to the same CSS style. If not currently possible to “paint” the format across multiple tiles could this be a feature request? Screen shot attached of showing 2 tiles that match the format I want to copy to the remainder of the dashboard

Are you using a Theme? If you add a named style to the theme, then you can customize that one style however you see fit and reuse it. You still have to select that named style for each tile, but if you want to make changes to the named style (in the Theme), it will automatically apply to all of the tiles that are using that style.

There’s a feature request open for bulk editing of tiles here that you may want to vote on:

Thanks as always @josh, yes bulk editing is what I was poorly referring to. The Theme’s are indeed great, and I am having fun playing with CSS editing (all of 1 day into learning it), but changing each tile’s style when usually I want most tiles to have the same style is a bit tedious. I will go vote now.