Flashing states within a Super Tile

I really like the visual flashing ‘status’ indication for when a door contact is left open. Can this feature (flashing) be easily replicated within a Smart Tile? When I tried to add the same pre-existing door contact/Thing that works as a standard tile, it fails to behave/display in a similar fashion if I add it to a Super Tile. Am I doing something wrong?

Can you clarify which visual flashing indication you’re referring to?

Are you referring to how you can customize the Icon Animation in a Style? I just tried it on a Super Tile and it seems to work as expected?

Using Hubitat

My device (Night Light/Thing) icon STATES are style=flashing when light is on, solid when off.

When I added this device to my dashboard as a simple tile - it works as expected.

However, when I try to simply add the same device (Night Light/THING) to a Super Tile - shouldn’t it display/behave the same way?

Not unless the Super Tile was also configured with the same state mappings / styles.

Styles are applied per tile. Super Tiles don’t have any style applied to them at all by default. You have to explicitly set your desired state+style mappings based on the content you’ve put in the Super Tile.

I must be getting hung up on how to properly configure STATES + style mappings within a Super Tile. (Operator & Target settings in particular).

So in this case if I’ve added my device (Night Light) within my Super Tile & drill down behind the “?” - how would I map the flashing behavior like displayed as a stand alone tile?

There’s two parts to it.

  1. You map the icon states within the Super Tile by editing the item you have highlighted
    (double tap the item or tap the :gear: icon while the item is selected)
  2. You map the style states to the instance of the Super Tile which is added to your dashboard*
    (just like you edit the style on a normal switch tile)

* Note that since the style is applied to the whole tile, the animations will apply to all icons within the Super Tile

" * Note that since the style is applied to the whole tile, the animations will apply to all icons within the Super Tile"

So is it possible to somehow apply animations to individual/select icons desired (vs. being an all-or-nothing proposition) within the same Super Tile?

Not in a Super Tile (at least not without some tricks with Custom CSS). There’s a feature request open for it here if you want to cast a vote:

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