First Alert Smoke/CO detector

Thank for getting back to me so quickly. It worked! Many thanks!!


I have some of these hooked up via Ring Security into Hubitat, and I don’t see them available to bring into Sharptools. I don’t even see a section for Smoke detectors in the Sharptools import tool. What am I missing?

You may be able to authorize them manually as noted here:

That did it, thanks!

I’ve manually added my 5 First Alert ZCOMBO devices and have added them to my dashboard, but they only have two layouts: Battery Tile & Hero Attribute

How can I get status?

Use the Hero Attribute layout and edit it to use the attribute you want.

That worked perfectly! Thanks

Sorry for jumping in. I have the same problem although connected to SmartThings.

Hi @GobenaShiferaw_Shife, welcome to the community. Are you having issue adding the First Alert smoke detector from SmartThings to SharpTools? You can manually add them by following the steps in this post below.