Fire Tablets Updated: Tiny cam not showing

Hi all, I’ve an issue with my tiny cam tile only showing up on certain tablets. I’ve the same dashboard on 4 tablets but the tiny cam feed only now shows on 2. Any ideas what could be causing this?

What’s different about the 2 tablets that don’t work?

Absolutely nothing, they have all worked and now 2 have just stopped, I’ve tried resetting tablets, and tiny am on the nvidia shield

All four tablets are exactly the same? No difference in model, OS, fully kiosk versions, or anything else? All connected to the same wifi AP or no other differences?

All fire tablets, the strange thing is they were all working and now 2 have stopped. No updates have taken place

I’ve just tried to open the web server on a browser on 1 of the effected tablets and it shows, just won’t show on sharp tools on any browser

Are they the exact same though? You didn’t mention the models, OS versions, Fully Kiosk versions.

Are you using media tiles to show them? You probably got a webview update on 2 of the tablets.

Take a look at this post:

I did think that and had a look but can’t figure it out. I tried 1 by opening the sharptools app on Firefox and it shows the camera but still not on the fully browser

Make sure to update to the latest version of Fully Kiosk Browser as the newer versions have an option to Allow Mixed Content as noted in the thread @Sgt.Flippy_PJ linked to:

It’s possible that two of your devices automatically updated their Fire OS version. Amazon bundles updates to the embedded browser (‘webview’) in their Fire OS updates and that could be impacting your tablets.

Updating to a newer Fully Kiosk version and setting the Mixed Content Mode to ‘Always Allow Mixed Content’ will likely resolve your issue.

If you are using a local IP address to access your cameras, you may need to use the * URL format mentioned in the post that @Sgt.Flippy_PJ linked to above since Chromium 111 and newer introduced a bug with the ‘Allow Mixed Content’ feature and local IP addresses. (The details of this are in the linked thread)