Fire Tablet Security Camera?

Hey everyone! I currently have my fire tablet installed in the wall using full kiosk browser. I was curious is there a way to use my front camera as a security camera? If it catches motion it notifies me and turns on?

Are you just trying to get the tablet to turn on when someone walks by? You can do that in Fully Kiosk settings.

This should really be one of the first things people see when setting up Fully Kiosk, it took me way too long to figure out :slight_smile:

No basically what I want to do is use the front camera as a security camera in a sense. When it catches motion my phone gets notified or I can even view the camera from my phone?

I remember seeing something like droidcam or other app to turn a phone into webcam. I never personally tried, but I have seen others done it, although I doubt the stability. But that may give you some direction.

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This might be a good place to start

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Thanks James! I’ll look into it!