Wake Fire Tablet


I have a Fire Tablet that is always on running sharptools. What I’d like to do is have it only turn the screen on when someone approaches it. I’ve looked at all of the ways to root this device and none of them will work because of the Release it is on. Is there anyway to turn on the device screen using motion from a HE motion sensor which does require rooting it?


As you’ve probably figured out, the Amazon Fire Tablets can have the screen turned on when the screen is off, but then you are stuck at the lockscreen and would have to manually unlock the screen.

The typical workaround is to use Fully Kiosk Browser along with a few of its features.

  • Use the Screensaver feature of Fully
    • Set the screensaver to a black screen
    • Set the screensaver to dim the screen all the way down to 0
  • Use the built-in motion detection feature to exit the screensaver when motion is detected

This will effectively keep the tablet awake at all times and instead of actually turning off the screen (which would require the lockscreen to be manuallly unlocked), it gets the screen as dark as possible. This allows Fully or other apps to then ‘wake’ the tablet from the screensaver and go back to the dashboard.

Alternatively, some people pair this approach up with something like Dakboard as their screensaver which has some nice options for displaying photos along with weather/calendar as a screensaver.

And if you want to use an external Hubitat motion sensor, you could use the built-in HTTP/REST commands of Fully Kiosk Browser along with the HTTP GET feature of Hubitat’s Rule Machine.


Here are some sample REST commands for Fully Kiosk Browser which might be helpful:


// and some other helpful commands

Just make sure to set a fixed IP address (static DHCP reservation) on the tablet and use the full address when making the HTTP call from Rule Machine.



i thought the motion detection only worked on certain firmware versions because it required root access. Did I completely read that wrong?


As far as I’m aware, the motion detection is not restricted by firmware version. I use it on several different Fire Tablets and Android Tablets.

It’s just that apps can’t unlock the screen on Fire Tablets like they can on normal Android tablets. Hence the workaround with dimming the screen via screensaver.


I am totally missing what darkboard is? Is that in the google app store?


Dakboard is a webapp. A number of people use it as a screensaver as it lets you show nice photos along with the weather, calendar, etc.