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I’ve been setting up different fire tabs for different rooms. On the past couple I’ve been doing when I go to full screen I’m always left with a dead area at the bottom. Is there something I’m doing wrong or something I’m missing?
This is my latest in progress with the empty area at bottom

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When I open dashboards that fill screens on other tablets they fill the way I’m looking for on all dashboards

It’s primarily a factor of the content on the dashboard. The default ‘Scalable’ dashboards will scale to fit the width of your display device.

So you might have to play with the setting for the Number of Columns wide your dashboard is. It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but you might increase the number of columns… even doubling it, so you could effectively adjust your tile sizes in half-height increments. For example, you could double the number of columns wide, then edit each tile and double the height and width of each tile, then since it looks like you have ~1/2 a tile height, you could either increase the size of each of your device tiles in the top row 1 unit (eg. 1/2 size) or increase your image tiles.

Alternative, you can try shrinking your number of tiles wide, but that might make it a bit tighter for fitting your images on there. After playing with it a bit, you’ll get a good feel for the appropriate sizing that you prefer.

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Hi! This approach helps better utilize the screen size but not all content scales with it. The calendar or news tile for example become unreadable. Any thoughts on this?

Check out this post for an approach:

:link: Large grid size and content size - #4 by josh

Hi Josh, it would be great if there was some control of the dashboard scale, even if just by a few %. Have tried adjusting number of columns to various sizes but cant find any combination that doesn’t end up wasting screen space along with the running into the content issues with calendar etc. Unfortunately modifying the CSS is beyond my abilities.
As you can see on my screenshots of my Fire HD10 running FK, my layout is just missing the bottom or top part of the tile (depending where its scrolled to, reducing scale by just a few percent would solve the issue! Not really an issue on other dashboards where I have camera images as the few mm of the picture missing is not a big deal but where there is info such as on my Main Dashboard is bit of a pain.