Large grid size and content size

Hi! I have a RPI monitor in my hallway and im trying to design a dashboard (view only) for it. I´ve decided to use a large grid (39) so i can better control the design, but some content becomes tiny (understable).

Ive been using CSS to enlarge certain parts but can i make the content bigger then 10x10 ? for instance, the calendar is hard to fit more then three days of content using 10x10

Hi @Christian_Ytterstrom, do you mind sharing your dashboard design (screenshots) so we can have a better idea of what you are trying to achieve? Do you mean you set the dashboard to “scalable” with 39 columns or “reflow” with custom tile size 39 pixel?

Hi Christian - in your other (deleted) post you mentioned the Clock and News Feed.

If you’re using Scalable Dashboards and are using a larger number of columns, then the 1x1 tile will become smaller and the baseline font size gets adjusted accordingly smaller.

You can use Custom CSS in a Theme to increase the size of the fonts:

More details here: Scalable Dashboards - Adjust Calendar Font Size

Thx for replying. Its scalable with 39 columns. Ive made some designs before but using less columns but i always run out of space. I tried with more columns and its more flexible.

Attached a photo of it. I found The guide to custom CSS and changed most sizes but The calendar is still too small to be viewable easily.

Yeah i found The post and decided to remove my question.

Ohhh. Now I think I understand what you’re asking. I thought this was an updated post with the same question, but asked differently. My bad!:man_facepalming:

Are you referring to the Height and Width options on the tile editor being limited to a range of 1-10?

yes, as you can see, particulary the calendar isnt wide or long enough to have a big text and be visible from a couple of steps away from the screen. Unless i can target specific parts of the calendar with css and enlarge them.

You can target the content or text within the calendar using custom CSS (like the snippets above), but we recommend against trying to adjust the dimension of the tiles themselves using CSS as it can break things.

10x is currently the largest supported tile dimension, but feel free to create a feature request. :smiley:

Gotta push The boundries for The sake of design :wink:

Ill work with what i can right now and hope you unleash The True potential of 30x30 boxes!

Thanks to you both for replying. Sharptools is awesome.