Feature Requests

A few feature requests for you:

  1. Device List
    Create a page which lists the names of all devices and the rules or dashboards using each device.
    This would be massively helpful for diagnosing unexpected device behaviour and how one rule could impact the running of another rule.

  2. Move the “New Rule” button to the top of the Rule Engine page instead of (or as well as) the bottom of the page

  3. Add a “Manage Connections” link to the main navigation menu

  4. Implement a platform such as Canny to allow users to upvote Feature Requests



Thanks @Danny_Richman for the great feedback.

This is an interesting concept. We do have the rule log request in my list to allow rule troubleshoot/diagnosis so we will have to think about how this concept would work along with the rule log.

Noted. I believe @Justin_Newbury has made the same comment to add “Create” button at both top and bottom of the rule list, and I think it does help when having more rules.

Do you mean the top navigation (or the hamburger menu on mobile devices) or the drop down from tapping the profile image at right-top corner? When do you find your self need to access “Manage Connections” most, such as creating rule or add things to a dashboard? Maybe there are other approaches that we can make it more convenient instead of the navigation menu as well.

We track the feature request and interests based on the comments and LIKE :orange_heart: of the post in the community. But I can look into options how to better categorize/organize the feature requests and votes/interests.:grinning:

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I think here would make the most sense for a “Manage Connections” link.

It is a page I visit frequently. It would be great to have it more accessible.


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How do I see the “rule log”?

It is still in my todo list, so not currently available. Sorry I didn’t make it clear. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Danny_Richman, just wanted to update you that we have included the rule and dashboard creation button at top of the page in our recent release, and added the Feature Request with upvote feature in the community.

I have also created the rule execution log feature request in there, so you can vote below.

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Amazing - thank you