Feature Requests: Theme, Icons, Up-Down Tile


We have adding a color picker tile scheduled for the next sprint. We are wrapping up the current sprint this week and expect to release next week, so we should start working on the next sprint with a targeted release in January.


No. It was supposed to quote a reply from you in October about rgb bulb/strip support.


Yes, I was referring to the addition of a color picker tile - eg. a tile that is specifically designed to work with RGB(W) lights and allow you to control the color of those lights.

In the meantime, you can control your device colors through the SharpTools Rule Engine and rule tiles. Since the Rule Engine supports changing the color of RGB(W) devices, you could create a rule with an action to change the RGB(W) bulb/strip to your desired color and then add that rule to your dashboard.

Here’s a rule which sets the color of a Hue Bloom device (no triggers, just an action in the flow).

And the fourth tile on this dashboard is a rule tile which lets you execute that rule.

And since it’s a rule, you could coordinate multiple lights together if desired. For example, a special rule that changes several lights to reflect your favorite sports teams colors or your kids favorite colors or whatever combination you like.


Hi, I added an Camera on my Dash Board, do you think is possible add feature when I click on camera I can see in full screen?

Thank you for your job.


Thanks for the feedback, Emerson! Yes, we have click-to-zoom functionality for media tiles tentatively scheduled for the next sprint - there are a number of items on that sprint, so the release might get bumped to the next sprint. :smiley:


Hi again, can I have more information from Temperature/Humidity Sensor Xiaomi/Aqara like picture from Smartthings



Try using the Hero Attribute layout: :grin:


Thank you.



Today’s platform update includes a number of feature requests from this topic including color control, options for Media Tile tap actions (eg. Fullscreen), several new icons, and more. Thanks again for all the suggestions and your ongoing support!

Announcement: Color Control, Hyperlink and Media Tile Options, New Icons, and more

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Color control works great.



One small remark.

Since you cant just turn on the flex by tapping the icon (as the new popup appears) could you do either of the following

scenario a
you tap icon, light turns on.
you tap brightness % and the new rgb control pops up with a brightness % slider also

scenario b
you tap icon, new rgb control pops up with a brightness % slider also

heres a mockup of the rgb control with brightness control


Thanks for the feedback. The first slider in the image already acts as the level or brightness (it sends the command setLevel()), so I’m not sure I follow what the additional slider would do?

Also note that you can add a device to the same screen multiple times. So if you wanted a copy of your Color Control bulb with quick-access to toggle it on/off by tap, you could copy the tile and then change the layout to the Standard Thing Layout.


I didnt see that it controlled that. i thought it was for hue or saturation. Thank you!

I would argue that clicking the % already opens up the new color wheel, so it would make more sense to have the tile just control on/off, and clicking the lower right corner (%) would open the color wheel.


Fair point. Perhaps it could be a configurable option. This release included some updates to Hyperlinks and Media Tiles where you can choose what the action is upon being tapped… I could see that concept extending to more tiles.


I know you listen to everything we bitch about, and take it all into consideration. :smile:

Thanks for the hard work!


Thank you for add this new feature :grin:, Can I have a motion event and this event show camera full screen for X seconds…


Any updates on this Google Calendar front? Be really nice to mimic what Dakboard is doing, but with the Smartthings aspect …

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We’re still in the R&D phase with the calendar integration.


@josh I came here to do the same suggestion, in the past, clicking the tile will turn on the light, clicking the lower right corner will open the brigness window, so now to just turn on 1 light you need 3 clicks instead 1, you must click the tile, then click the ON button in the new window, then click X or any other area out of that window to close the window.

I really appreciate the additions.